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Tuleva - Siili 4tet (composer: Aino Eerola)
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Siili 4tet is a transnational quartet founded in 2012 in France and currently active with two formations in both France and the Netherlands. All members share a strong musical background in Jazz, as well as many other genres. The music is a mixture of Jazz and Nordic Folk Music and uses the tastes of rock, funk, pop and classical music.


The musicians share the passion of improvisation which gives the music space for spontaneity and freedom while keeping the strength, colour and sounds of the compositions.

The music challenges the traditional perceptions we have about each instrument and style. As an example: The violin might at times remind you of a cello or guitar and the contrabass might play lines that sound like they should be played by the viola.

Because the styles blend so seamlessly together, it's rather pointless to analyse and name the music genre being played. The Siili 4tet just simply loves MUSIC.

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