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AINO EEROLA (born in Helsinki) is a versatile violinist-composer who is currently performing mainly in Holland, France and Finland with different bands and projects. Her broad-scope professional education includes jazz, classical and world music. Her recent focus has been in jazz, but her performance, repertoire and compotitions also include tango and classical music, as well as combination of jazz and world music.
Aino graduated from jazz master program of the Codarts University of Arts (Rotterdam) in 2017 and received her jazz violin diploma in 2013 from the Centre des Musiques Didier Lockwood. Aino's professional education in classical violin is from Sibelius Academy (Helsinki) and Codarts Conservatory (Rotterdam). She has also studied in the Master's program of Codarts Argentine tango department. Her teachers (among others) have been Didier Lockwood, Johan Renard (jazz), Kaija Saarikettu, Gordan Nikolic (classical), Micha Molthoff (tango), Esko Järvelä (folk).


MAURIZIO CONGIU Congiu was born in Cagliari in Sardinia (Italy). He started to study the guitar and electric bass privately when he was 13 years old. He continued his music studies in the Conservatory of Cagliari where he got his "Diploma of classical contrabass." His versatility allows him to play various styles of music and also to collaborate with theater companies. His love to jazz lead him to the courses of festival NuoroJazz, organized by Paolo Fresu. There he had a chance to study with some internationally renowned musicians: Uri Caine (USA), John Abercrombie, (USA), David Linx (France), Sheila Jordan (USA) and Cameron Brown (USA). He continued his jazz studies in the Centre des musiques Didier Lockwood in a 2-year program "Jazz and improvised music". He is playing in Didier Lockwood's project Tribute to Stéphane Grapelli.

NOAM LERVILLE started to play the guitar in his high school in Toulouse and concentrated quickly in jazz. After studying 2 years in the school of Music'halles (Toulouse), he moved to Paris and studied 1 year in the conservatory of Bobigny and 2 years in the Centre des musiques Didier Lockwood. As being fascinated by jazz, rock, classical, world and electronical music the keywords for inspiring music for him are eclecticism and mixing styles. In the Siili Quartet, Noam shows his virtuosity and lyricism. By varying between the possibilities of the effects with his electric guitar and the simplicity of his acoustic guitar, he brings the audience far away.


BRUNO MARMEY was born in 1987 in Montpellier in the south of France. He started to play the drums when he was 15 years old. After obtaining his Master's degree in biology he decided to do music as a profession. He obtained the diploma of "Music Actuels" in ATLA (Paris) and the "Jazz and improvised music" -diploma in CMDL (Dammarie-Les-Lys), where he studied with renowned drummers such as André Charlier, Franck Agullon, Stephane Huchard Patrick Gorce, Minino Garay among others. Having performed in several countries in Europe (France, Holland, Belgium, Finland), Bruno is a reliable Side Man. Impregnated with Brazilian music since his childhood, Bruno Marmey interprets Latin music with an open mind. Passionate by the rhythmic feeling of different traditional music, he likes to transmit that to his playing. As a young versatile drummer, he mixes fluently the different styles of music he's influenced by.

ELVIS HOMAN (Slovenia) successfully passed audition for a Classical Primary School at the age of 7, specializing in classical percussion and drums. At the age of 18 he finished his ‘Gymnasium for Music and Ballet’. His teacher Janez Gabrič (Laibach drummer) - who studied at Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam - inspired him to start improving his skills in different music styles like Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Latin and Rock. As a drummer Elvis has played in symphonic orchestras, a metal band and various jazz/fusion projects. Elvis has succeeded in many competitions such as the Erasmus jazz prijs (Quartzite,2. Prize and Best soloist price ), Gallus award golden 'medal' with sypmhonic Orchestra novo mesto and Leiden jazz competition 2017. In addition to Siili 4tet, Elvis is currently busy with Marco Apicella Trio, Jumanji 5tet and Symphonic orchestra Novo mesto.

SANDOR KEM  (Hungary) graduated masters at the Rotterdam Conservatory and studied also at UNT and UNO in the United States with Rufus Reid, Eddie Gomez, Mike Richmond, Lynn Seaton and Ron Carter. In 2005 and 2006 Sandor played in the final of the Dutch Jazz Competition and in 2008 he won the Amersfoort Jazz Award with the Benoit Martiny Band. Sandor performs regularly on the North Sea Jazz Festival and has toured with the Malando Orchestra in the Netherlands, Germany and China. As well as toured with Tango Extremo in Bolivia, Russa, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Sandor performed with: Jacky Terrasson, Randy Brecker, Rick Margitza, Ali Jackson, Jason Marsalis, Stefan Carlson, Cyro Baptista, Ed Soph, James Carter, Denise Jannah, Jan Akkerman, Eric Vloeimans, Amsterdam Klezmer Band and many more.

JUNGHYUNG AN, also known as 'A.J' (Busan, South-Korea) is a guitarist and a composer. Though Jazz is his main musical background and education, his musical influence and guitar playing style encompass various different genres. From jazz to Korean traditional music and from traditional to contemporary, he constructs his own distinctive music world with such a diversity and perhaps somewhat unorthodox style of guitar playing.
His proficiency of technical playing and capablity of blending multiple musical ingredients in performance earned him the 3rd prize of Dutch guitar awards (DGA) in 2009.


As a band leader, since 2013, Junhyung An has been leading his own quintet with which he recorded upcoming first album, 'Dreams & Phantasms'. Besides leading own band, Junhyung participates in other ensembles including Hüseyin badilli Trio and Frederik Lebeer Collective (FLC).
After his graduation from Codarts, the Rotterdam Conservatory In 2014, he started his doctoral trajectory at Orpheus institute (PhD candidate at Leiden University, officially) with research that is entitled as 'Korean traditional musical influence in jazz: towards new ingredients for jazz guitar playing and composing'. 

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